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for 17,000 workers at five plants in south korea, asked by cnbc recently if gm might move production or make other contingencies if things get worse -- >> you have to think about where you have the continuity of supply and safety of your assets and your employees. so, it's a concern to everybody. >> reporter: contacted by cnn, a spokesman for gm declined to say what contingencies are making. she told us what american companies did then. >> companies wanted to make sure they had latest e-mails of all of their employees, latest addresses of where everyone lived and then starting looking at supply chain. >> reporter: some americans were evacuated to japan then. most analysts don't think they will happen now. but gm and other american companies have a lot to lose if tension escalates or conflict breaks out between north korea and south korea. according to the u.s./south korea business council at least 50 american companies either have a presence in south korea or business interests there, there was about $100 billion in two-way trade between the u.s. and south korea last year. at any giv
an aston martin, 30,000 plus they sold, one of the reason ford is well. what about the partner, gm, sort of a partner, look at the gm stock. ford did better today than they thought. gm did worse with the stock off at the outset, but it came back. this is why you think about the gm stock. disappoints for gm. the laggards in today's sales, volt down this month after a lot of positive months, liz, down 35%. corvette and malibu both down. new corvette comes out, coulding the for some, but the malibu should be selling. sonic down 16%. a lot riding on that small car, but gm, that stock, if we looked at it, it is got a lot of room to run. the government slowly getting out. they got divested about a half billion dollars in february, so maybe there's room in that stock. don't forget about the rest of the auto makers, though, look at this. porsche, 41% increase this month, best ever first quarter for porsche. audi as well. suburu, vw, all positive sales months. no bad news in the auto industry now other than the stock maybe. liz: honda and toyota stock down. look at tesla -- jeff, thanks. >> love
'malley touuee with g-m officiils.the white - marsh plant will eeploy anoohhr 200 auto workers... made eleetrii car engine.g-mm and baltimore countt to pay for the $140- million dollar &e. governor martin o'malley: at progress wiihout aajob. jobs - are thh top priority of this &paaministration, and must be &pour top prrooiiy every singge" pay." the engines madd at the g-m baltimore plant are for the chevy spark e-v, a fully- plectric car that oes zero to sixty in less hhn eight seconds. some .... balttmore students... took aa break... from sccool todayy.. mayor. 9---th graders... ffom... w.eeb.... du boise... high school.../ were... surprised... at... he... grille... at... pierce's in phoenix...//.the... freshman plass... is... being awarded... for winning... pmost improvvd"... in... the mayor's ptudies ... found... more than 80 pprcent... of baltimore least 95-perceet oo the &who- time...//. graduate. 3&"i do know that all the kids aareason, eewanted to achieve &ppeople what we was capable of" doing." assde... from the sttdents... weee... given... "under armour"... gear.
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. asked by cnbc recently if gm might move productions if tensions on the peninsula get worse -- >> you have to start to think about where you have the continuity, supply, and safety of your assets and your employees. so, it's a concern to, i think, everybody. >> reporter: contacted by cnn, a spokesman for gm declined to say what specific contingency plans the company is making. tammie overbay, head of the u.s. korea business council, was there when north korea, under kim jong-un's grandfather, threatened war with the u.s. and south korea. she told us what american companies did then. >> companies wanted to make sure that they had latest e-mails of all their employees, latest addresses of where everyone lived, and then started looking at supply chains. >> reporter: experts say some americans were evacuated to japan then. most analysts don't think that will happen now, but gm and many other american companies have a lot to lose if tensions escalate or if conflict breaks out between north and south korea. at its five plants in south korea, two of them just outside seoul, gm produces about
the gm was there to see the conditions of the courts, and all can confirm that they're in need of immediate repairs. the project budget as i said is $416,000. the source of funding is from the commissioner's reserve itself of the open space. i will be happy to answer any questions that you have. >> we do have public comment. we have lena. is it liz? cacost? antoinette and vanessa. >> i am [inaudible] improvement association who thoroughly endorses the improvements and this is a much used space. there are kids there all the time and it really needs to kept in condition so it's not a trip hazard for people and i urge approve this. thank you. >> thank you very much. >> next speaker. >> [inaudible] >> thank you. i am liz cacost and in support of the resurfacing of the courts at youngblood coleman. this is part of a larger initiative for the youngblood coleman initiative which is a collaboration between community based organizations b magic sf arts everywhere, butcher town association, recs and park and we have been involved in reinvesting and reactivating coleman park in the
. >> after an 8 month investigation, the da's office filed nine charges. the former gm of sanitary district. >> first three counts deal with misappropriation of public funds and embezzlement by a public employee of funds. >> the other charges include money laundering and there's a warrant out for richard's arrest. authorities say they do not know where he is and court papers say he is missing. the former g.m. got a $350,000 loan from his employer for housing. it was supposed to be paid back at 3.1% interest. richards used the money to pay bills and student loans, took out money while on a european vacation and got cashier's checks payable to himself. >> that's a misuse of public funds, and public funds, particularly these days, need to be watched and marshaled and very carefully. >> in late june of 2012, richards didn't show up for work. in july, he sent an e-mail saying he was resigning. employees feel betrayed by richards and one told us over the phone, they feel tarnished and dirty. >> embezzlement and fraud in the public agency workplace. it's fairly common in california. >> frank
this legislation is so unopen to yunts problem. -- united states -- >>> the treasure department has sold gm stock and they have recovered much of the bailout. and that means taxpayers are still owed $19 billion. >>> the 14% drop in pc sales is the largest drop in 20 years. they are blaming windows eight and the company says the public isn't rushing to adopt it because it looks and runs differently. >>> checking in with bill for weather now. >> numbers into the mid-80s and 82 in concord and it is warm outside. warmer than yesterday, but not as warm tomorrow. and let's look at the current condition, 82 in santa rosa and we are getting a sea front. and the winds are beginning to go on shore and the there is a weather system to the north moving in. you can see it cleary, this is a front coming in and as it comes in and down the coast it is going to cool things off by a solid ten degrees. 85 in santa rosa and temperature there tomorrow is down, 73. and 73 in san francisco and 64 tomorrow. today is the warmest day of the week. and temperatures will not be that much below average, just cooler. overnight
% yesterday. typically competitors, ford and gm are working together to develop 9- and 10-speed transmissions. the new transmissions would be used in a variety of vehicles and have a goal of improving fuel efficiency. according to gm's vice president, engineering teams are already starting initial design work on the new gear box. microsoft is reportedly developing a smart watch. suppliers in asia have been asked to ship necessary components, but that does not necessarily mean microsoft will proceed with the project. this latest report comes amid rumours that apple, google, samsung and lg are also in the race to develop a smart watch. airports are rich with pennies and more from your pocket. in its annual survey of loose change, the tsa counts more than a half-million dollars was left behind at airport security checkpoints. as dictated by congress, the abandoned cash will be spent on civil aviation security. still to come, find out why banks are rolling in dough. but first, bill moller joins us with a taxing hangover. what you need to know about next year's taxes is coming up after the break.
>>> the automaker gm is back on the facebook site. they have been introducing new tools and it could be a sign their tools are working. >>> yahoo and apple are looking at ways yahoo services could play a role on the ipad and they are exploring new things for more news and sports preloaded. >>> on wall street both hit all times highs, the dow added 128 points. >>> a florida couple is arrested after kidnapping their two sons and taking them to cuba. the four were handed over after being spotted on a sail boat. >>> a chance to hit it big the new lottery game that is in california the drawing taken tonight and the record it set for the first day. >> and adult behavior in children's movies and why it could have real-life consequences. >>> a group of fossilized embryos has researches excited and they are from a long neck dinosaur and there may be clues how they developed from the stages in the eggs and they are the same age as the oldest ones found in south afriaca. >>> researchers have foubd found a way to make mouse brains transparent and it will help speed up research ten to a thousand times. and
. -- united states -- >>> the treasure department has sold gm stock and they have recovered much of the bailout. and that means taxpayers are still owed $19 billion. >>> the 14% drop in pc sales is the largest drop in 20 years. they are blaming windows eight and the company says the public isn't rushing to adopt it because it looks and runs differently. >>> checking in with bill for weather now. >> numbers into the mid-80s and 82 in concord and it is warm outside. warmer than yesterday but not as warm tomorrow. and let's look at the current condition, 82 in santa rosa and we are getting a sea front. and the winds are beginning to go on shore and the there is a weather system to the north moving in. you can see it cleary, this is a front coming in and as it comes in and down the coast it is going to cool things off by a solid ten degrees. 85 in santa rosa and temperature there tomorrow is down, 73. and 73 in san francisco and 64 tomorrow. today is the warmest day of the week. and temperatures will not be that much below average just cooler. overnight lows here and tomorrow morning
. that's what general motors has done with a new plan unveiled today in whitemarsh. >>> outside, gm rolled out its latest electric vehicle, called the spark ev. inside, it opened its doors at the whitemarsh plant that makes the sparks go. >> today commemorates the fact that we are making these motors here on u.s. soil. and we're the first domestic automaker to do so. >> reporter: a two-part electric motor, made up of copper wires and a spinning magnet. >> electric motors have to be smooth and quiet and powerful and reliable. >> you're welcome to take video, showing the different stages of this. >> reporter: it's a far cry from the old gm assembly plant that closed years ago. high-tech machinery and robots now mesh with people that build the motors. >> insert. with the second slat 1. >> this joins a much larger transmission facility door. but the product represents a gamble by gm. sales are beginning to rev up. a big change from pushing gas guzzlers in the past. >> how nice is it to be an automobile company and be for fuel economy, rather than opposing it. >> reporter: if this plan i
exactly. they didn't gifford bailout money. gm, chrysler got it. look, other cities and states, neil, that paid for, if you will, via tax credits and tax breaks, business, from gm and chrysler. those cities and states got screwed over as well in the process because gm and chrysler, never delivered on those promises either to poor cities and states that didn't get jobs or revenue. the government should get out of the business completely and let free markets decide it. neil: todd, you know very well, and ford's ceo was here many times he was for the bailout with his colleagues because if they had not got enit and it would have hurt the entire industry. what do you think of that? >> maybe neil, maybe not. on the bileout it was important for president obama to have the government come in to bail out gm and chrysler. i think they both would be restructured out government financing. what that did it helped out one of the president obama's largest campaign contributors, the united auto workers. they gave them him 40 million in campaign contributions. the president turned around and made the
at shares of facebook up almost 2.5%. we didn't get to it at the open of the show. >> right. >> gm returning to facebook with the testing of the mobile program. facebook, interesting article in "vanity fair." one of the great business workers talking about the transformation taken at facebook that we tend not to focus on as much. what an advertising they know and about all of the different people and how are they spending rnd? >> it is an underrated company at this point. if you remember, you were sitting over here, david when gm was pulling away from facebook. that was part of the ipo botching. maybe -- whether it be a domino ceo or soft good it is. >> how's digital media. mcstorm ak spice is putting a lot of mono are money, maybe they're doing facebook. there we go. >> we have a new record. >> there's an all-time high and you get that nice little animation. >> wow! >> it's taken a bit longer than the all-time closing and the intraday highs and the s&p finally catching up and, jim, it's barely doing it, but it says a lot about where we've been and where we've come to. >> you know, it really
at those, ford and general motors. these european auto makers better be a little scared because ford and g.m. doing well. you can see the stocks are up today. ford up 1.3%. g.m. up a quarter percent. general motors march sales are up month over month. ford up nearly 6% as well. for ford you saw the fusion doing well, the escape did well. lincoln was the weak link for ford. that was something that we watched, certainly, and when you looked at general motors, we watched that one on the move to the upside, up about 6%. it started in the red territory. dow jones up 93 points. highest ever for the dow on this day and right now the s&p 500 up as well. back to you. connell: thank you. dagen: newest celebrity coach in college basketball is headed west for a big fat payday. connell: big time compared to what he was making. we'll get to that and apple examine much more to come. take a look at the winners today on the nasdaq. with the spark miles card from capital one, bjorn earns unlimited rewas for his small business take theseags to room 12 please. [ garth ] bjors small busiss earns double miles on
earlier catching up with gm's ceo dan akerson. the two men were make the drive to our set for a special hour-long conversation. i just looked at the web and saw the new corvette. the new sting ray 2014. really nice. ♪ ♪ the new blackberry z10 with time shift and blackberry balance. built to keep you moving. see it in action at >>> i just sent mack to get some ribs and chicken. let's go! >> i'm hungry. >> he thinks he has to count us down. >> he has to do his job, yes. >> welcome back. boston market is opening new locations for the first time in six years and is adding ribs to its menu, which mack is now going to get us. joining us on set is ceo of boston market. it goes back -- my love affair goes back to when it was called boston chicken. and i remember back long ago on "squawk box" bob olsteen said something about the chain itself. it was such a hot stock. it lost its way a little. changed the name. now i see them everywhere. i still love them. >> bought by mcdonald's. >> and now ribs make sense. why? >> ribs is a natural progression. ribs are a comfort food. i
ford and gm to create a new transition system that creates better gas mileage and i'm wondering if that might be the impetus to push forward past companies like tesla or others that don't create as many cars or employ as many people, and maybe i don't understand the fundamentals about that. >> well, it is a little theoretical, because westport has one, and tesla has a short squeeze going on, and i have been trying to get my arms around tesla, but i would not own ford or gm off of that and we care more about europe when it comes the ford and gm. michael? >> caller: hey, jim. >> hi, michael. >> caller: with the home builder confidence what is going on with the k.b. homes? >> well, there was a long analysis come out with stewart and lenar being a very big home builder and nationwide presence and what he said was that the smaller builders are part of that and the smaller builders have been squeezed out, so don't read too much into it. i thought that the housing stocks were overly hit today and tomorrow we take a better look at them today. tough day, and we don't know what happened i
, cornerback out of houston taken 12th overall hayden held up jersey #25 as he posed with gm reggie mckenzie hayden is some story.he nearly died following a freak football injury during prcticethe main vain in his heart was torn after he took a knee to the chest yet hayden recoveredand was one of the fastest players at the combine.and the raiders first round pick a very special basketball game tonight. the warriors are up three games to one. and how we start the second round. giants and san diego, tim lincecum. with help from angel pagan. lincecum only give up a couple of rounds. adam jones to go to the a's tonight. and in support of a younger pitcher. joshed advances with a single. to put the orioles on the board. and 3-2. the a's had a tough time. against the houston astros. however, with the san francisco six- foot four, 280 lbs.. the third . date to of the draft, that was willie brown. and that they chose the name. with the offensive tackle, getting a linebacker out of connecticut. hayden from houston. patroled overall. saying that he is the inspirational, to the blast. he took a kneecap
of the group are ford and also gm, and a couple years ago, that probably wouldn't be the case, but you maintain this is a very different detroit, making much more competitive products than we're used to in the past. >> yeah, you know, i've been covering this sector for about six years, in the car lineup, small cars and mid size, it's just night and day how much better the product is there. you may recall a few years ago when the new generation, gm was selling those for about 7500 more. i think you'll see that with the chevy impala that just started production yesterday. the pricing will go up, and that's very good news for gm. >> certainly. people just aren't giving the new detroit i think a fair shake. if you look at the financials, this is reasons to be scared off by it, underfunded pension in europe, of course, but they make most of their money in the u.s., and in gm's case, in china, too. those markets have room to grow. >> what don't you like. >> just in the dealer space, maybe as momentum investor, people might consider that, but we're value investors here at morningstar, and just on a ca
investmenn made in g-m's white marsh pllan. 3&general motors invested $125- million ollars innexpanding pnd i chipped in, too.that's energg rewarded them aa$105- &pmmlllon dollar federal grant. thh state of maryyanddchipped in fourrand a half mmilion -do counny: more thannsix million dollars to bbiid thh lant.the governor says its imperative for theefutuue...crrttcs: say its baa policy. &po'mallly:"while our goverrmen ccn't picc winners and losers, our government aasoluueey should heep us compete and &pwin, especcally in a sector likk advanced manufacturing." dde hodges,,marylann taxpayers of choices that i think arr not for the benefit offthe s an the baatimmre plant s g--'s only maryland facilltyytte expansion translates intt 200 engiies our local autoworkers are akingg are for the chevy spark -v electric car.paul ggssler, fox45 nees att5::0 ttnight?the roods looking tonig? brandi proctor hassour traffic edge report. mapgreenspringlibertyshawan395 &pmaas the ravens... have... , 3&psome holes to fill... before positions... they're looking at... ahead in sports. 3 a daycare worker
the seven- ill have the seven-day coming up. >>> the new electric motor for the gm spark will be produced right there. it's the automaker's first lit yum battery -- lithium battery car. the plant received an upgrade to produce. >> we've got the capacity to go quite a bit further, but even with that, when we were building the building, we were talking 100, 150 workers at any one time. >> chevy will premiere the spark in 2014. >>> being a man means respecting women has much as you respect -- as much as you respect today. a call to men is a national violence prevention practice. today they teamed up with verizon to teach coaches how to mold their players into outstanding young men. they're targeting coaches because of the immense influence they have on young boys. >> it's important what that coach pours into the young man. they will hang on to that. they will rally around it and it will carry throughout life. >> here's an example of the things they talked about today. telling a player for throwing like a girl is one way they show disrespect. >>> joe flacco is honoring the life of a student k
for may 8. the redskins' former gm? he said the redskins will give back to the super bowl next season. what do you think about what bobbi said? >> that is bobbi. he would say that about me. but i'm not going to do what bobbi would say. we are going to win this super bowl this year. and i go, why are you saying that? i'm not going to do that to coach shanahan. >> so they are going back to the super bowl. i'm just kidding, joe. tebow was cut by the jets yesterday. the omaha beach said they want him to pay for them -- played for them and a booklet -- and they will pay him $75 per game. for them and a booklet -- and tim -- you're mulch-flippingme. again, aren't you? hey scott -- yeah, it fades after awhile, so... it fades because it's inferior mulch, man. look...nature scapes is scotts best mulch -- they guarantee it to hold its color for a full year. wow. i figured you just did your mulch flipping at night. scoooott, movie's starting. oh, there are better ways to spend an evening, lad... coming honey! hey -- what moviv? [ door closes ] get scotts nature scapes mulch. it's guaranteed. >>
. gm and ford both posting double-digit gains. and pickup trucks were also solid. sales improving due to the improving housing market. a couple of things stand out about march sales. first of all, look at what happened with the luxury auto brands. all up substantially. in fact, outpacing the industry as a whole. cadillac leading the way with a gain of 49.5% in large part due to the demand for the new entry level cadillac ats. and also take a look at electric vehicles. the tesla model s, which sells for well above what the chevy volt and nissan leaf sell for, it outsold the volt and the leaf in the first quarter. electric vehicles still a very small percentage of the overall market. but so far this year, tesla's model s has been outselling the leaf and the volt. and shares of tesla surging to a new all-time high today. bottom line, with march auto sales, the auto industry is posting its strongest sales since the beginning of 2007. in chicago, phil lebeau, nightly business report. >> here to tell us whether the flashy new cars will keep consumers coming back to the showrooms is rebecca
a move out of south korea. gm's chief executive dan akerson tells cnbc if political tensions between north and south korea escalate, the company could move workers and production out of the country. gm has about 17 thousand employees in the eastern nation. akerson also noted that any problems in south korea would affect the entire auto industry. need a taxi? there's an app for fact, there are roughly a dozen of them--in london alone. our cover story looks at "e- hailing" as it's called-- spreading to cities where gps, smartphones and stranded passengers are providing the next opportunity for mobile money making. hailing a cab is probably the most obvious business application of gps technology with smartphones. there are several of them. but hailo--an app launched a year and a half ago, is now in six cities with plans to more than double that by the end of this year. "it's growing like a weed. we have 37% of cabs in chicago-- thousands of jobs and we just launched lhere in november of last year." it works this way--- customers download the app. then, when you need a cab, hai
take a look at the numbers overall. good month for everybody. gm, ford and chrysler are all up. take a look specifically of close and personal at trucks. that is a driver of the economy. if we take a look at trucks, specifically, the ram pickup of 25%. you are up 60%. silverado is also. this says positive things about the economy. >> it does. the economy is on the rise. the market is starting to come back. jeff: you have a lot of competition. they are coming at you. >> 35 straight years of being number one in the truck market. ram and chevy on our tails. jeff: i want to show you the stocks. really have not seen a great appreciation and ford or gm stock despite the success of these automakers. you want to get on board before we start to see the appreciation. these guys are making a ton of dough. melissa: interesting. lori: was that a stock tip? melissa: it seems like it. the capital steps and olympia. residence dancing. washington state began opposing a tax on dance venues. now, if provision to repeal the tax it could cost more than $880,000. did they make a movie about that? melissa:
. >> there's a trend for the other one as well. same thing. >> there's a trend for gm, too. gm is my other one, too big to fail, we're watching. they both report on thursday, by the way. gm actually has not -- has fared fairly well. they're not looking to fare that well this quarter. compared to last year when they made about 93 cents in the first quarter, they're looking to make about 54 cents a share. they have not paid back the u.s. government yet. they still -- the u.s. government owns about 255 million shares. which if they sold them today they'd only get about half that money back. so it has to be at 75 for the government to break even. >> wouldn't you know, it's time to go to rick santelli, then. what do you make of today's market action? this rally just doesn't want to stop here. bonds are kind of sitting there. >> hey, the rally doesn't want to stop, the fed doesn't want to stop, the ecb wants to jump in and the bank of japan is playing the tune. yes, i think it continues. i heard somebody mention rynot rogueoff. so fascinating. they get a couple details wrong and everybody who do
they don't meet our needs and whims. i worked for rec and park and after school funds and under gm burns and robinson and i was told as an employee we're there to serve the public. our petty disagreements with somebody doesn't quiz qualify them from participating in this. >> >> and it's like me getting an argument and you can't come to my park. sometimes we can disagree and have intelligent conversations. we don't have to take it out on the kids. give me 10 more seconds. i came here to head off. we talked at supervisor chu's office and come here and go in peace and try to make something happen here. that's what i am here for. i would love to entertain a discussion with the commissioners to come to a resolution to this problem. put the kids first. >> thank you. >> richard fong. >> i don't want to get in the way of all of you and your appetite getting close to the dinner hour, but i just wanted to make more comments about animal control welfare. they're dealing with the issue of licensing, dog walkers, and when there was bob palaceo as commissioner and [inaudible] was here, the acti
there in the headlights. auto sales in march the best in six years. ford, chrysler, toyota, gm, and nissan, all reporting strong sales. truck and suv sales especially strong. cnbc's phil lebeau. >> this is not something where the automakers are goosing the market with outrageous incentives. this is people coming into showrooms and saying i need a new car or truck and this is the time to buy. >> reporter: the average car on the road today is more than 11 years old. something else helping the economy, gas prices down 30 cents from a year ago. and while many areas of the country are still struggling with real estate foreclosures, and decreased home equity, the overall housing market seems to be recovering. existing home sales now at their highest pace since 2006. among the cities showing the most improvement, denver. >> in this neighborhood i would expect properties to go under contract within a week. >> reporter: where ty docken is a realtor working one of the hottest areas of the city. >> buyers need to be ready to jump on a property when they find it. if they think about it, that property will be gone. s
's economic drama and buying lots of new cars. gm sales were up 6.4% in march, ford up 6% and chrysler 5%. toyota's gains were a little more anemic at just 1%. despite news headlines about the fiscal cliif, sequestration and budget shortfalls, car sales in the first quarter beat expectations. says it is raising its auto sales forecast to 15.5 million cars in 2013. 'i think that there's growth potential to go beyond this year as well. we're still not back to pre-recession levels in terms of the number of sales per driver. we've had driver population grow, but sales have shrunk since the recession and there's still room for growth there." the main reason for zipppy new car sales: pent-up demand after years of economic struggles for consumers. it's a new day for fannie mae. six years after the housing market's collapse, the agency has turned a record profit. fannie raked in $7.6 billion in the fourth quarter, and made $17.2 billion in 2012, while taxpayers took home $11.6 billion in fannie dividends. the ceo of the mortgage giant says he expects earnings to remain strong over th
to thank the commissioner that came out with us on march 1 and our gm that came and met with us. we're trying to roll and do this and if you guys can really find it. i know things are rough here in california but we can do this. we have done many more things and bring smiles back to the families in that area. thanks. >> thank you. >> would you like to comment? you're okay. thank you. >> my name is ed steveer. i'm a new resident. my home adjoins -- we're practically neighbors. i am right next door to the parks and rec and those unfamiliar with youngblood coleman. this park was founded by dianne feinstein on the death of two young boys. wasn't gang related. it was an accident because they had no place to play and if no funding is received for the courts, to maintain the trees their deaths and efforts would have gone in vain. i also want to make note that this park is located in a buffer zone between the industrial area and bay view and the residents, and it's the only park to those residents on the hill that provides clean and fresh air, so maintaining the trees is also very i
more cars in the first quarter of the year than gm sold of the volt or nissan sold of the leaf. that is amazing. tesla, this past weekend, announced they would stop or they would not make the cheapest version of the model s car that they planned to make when it would be $60,000. they decided not to do it because 4% of the people placing orders for the model s actually wanted the cheap one. they wanted the more expensive one. they have turned into the northern california status symbol of choice. it is a weird market to figure out. >> maybe a turn around. you think that financing option they have will make a difference? >> actually, no, i don't. you still have to pay a lot per month. some people on the fence may go for it. >> that is why wall street wasn't very happy. david, thanks. >>> next, actor and san francisco native danny glover, executive producer of "the house i live in" coming to pbs. it is a look at the so-called war on drugs. it won the grand jury prize at the sundance festival. he spoke with kqed's joshua johnson. first a clip from "the house i live in." >> it's abso
the way to expand the amount of content that comes preloaded on the iphone and ipad. >>> gm will start running ads again on facebook. the move comes nearly a year after the automaker pulled its ads just three days before facebook's ipo, saying they had little impact on consumers. back to you. >> thanks, seema. >>> well, the question on wall street today, what will the fed say, and will the dow hold on to its record high. the fed march minutes are out at 2:00 p.m. while chief bernanke said stimulus will continue, not all fed members are on board. >>> valuing shamu between $24 and $27 a share. >>> your check could be in the mail. settlement checks between $300 and $125,000 will be going out this friday to 8 in 10 borrowers who were wrongly foreclosed on during the mortgage crisis. >>> and loan payments could rise dramatically for millions of college students come july unless congress takes action. the interest rate on subsidized stafford loans is set to double july 1st. >>> as washington debates gun-control measures, one pro-gun group is giving away free ones. a month-long promotion tell
or deaths have been reported due to the fault. a japan automaker supplied these. there's no recall for gm or bmw. >>> google is thinking ahead, way ahead, until your death. the search engine giant has launched a tool that let's you decide what to happen with your google e-mail and photo accounts when you no longer need them. just go to the inactive account manager and choose where you want your data to be deleted after three, six, 12 months after inactivity and allow your accounts to let them know that you are no longer using your data. >>> the first of u.s. sports to partner with you can play. it's a project that hopes to end home f ho homo phobia. hockey is for everyone, which is their motto. thus far, no active player on any major american sports team has been openly gay. >>> when we come back, how some veterans are getting some jobs in the bay area. >>> hiring our heroes. it's a project by nbc universal designed to help veterans land civilian jobs. that effort included a job fair across the kourcountry today, including one in san jose. marianne favro is joining us. marianne? >> report
a moral obligation, does gm have a moral obligation to detroit before they pulled out? did merck, does merck have some moral obligation there? you seem to think there's a rule that they need to provide their shareholders and then do some public good. that's never worked for crying out loud. if there is he' a law that they need to abide by, they do it, otherwise they maximize profits to the shareholder and that's how the free market system is supposed to work. >> and guys. >> the government regulation-- >> got to leave it there, you guys. maybe next time they'll think better before they hand out money. christian, good to see you, sir. >> good to see you all. >> tracy: and it's what everybody says you need to own. you see it everywhere, one of these guys says he's running from it. and how you can profit from it. # # >> predictions, gary b. >> and xlf for a 30% gain in 2014. >>
rival led the market, gm, thanks to chinese buyers loving buicks. they began investing in china and now they generate 11% of ford's global sales with "the focus" leading the way. >> they have the focus being announced as the number one selling vehicle in the world and the number one selling vehicle in china. what a proof point about the ford strategy. >> while ford is surging in china. it is still barely a blip in the rear view mirror the marke leaders. >> the dominant players here are of course volkswagen, and hyundai is a story as well in terms of how well they have done. so ford is still behind but coming on strong. >> the running hot in the world's hottest auto market. where buyers are embracing the blue oval. >> in many ways china is 50 to 60 years behind us in that they have a lar growing middle class in their country and it is a sweet spot for companies like ford and general motors. >> they will turn in their bicycles for cars. >> yes, ma'am, they are. and a lot of them. >> our series from china starts tomorrow. >> from expansion on the roads to trouble in the skies. american ai
sales as both try to catch up to toyota. gm sold 2.36 million cars and trucks around the world in the first three months of 2013. volkswagen sold 2.27 million vehicles during that same time. toyota was in the lead with most cars sold in 2012. rising maintenance costs are making owning a car more expensive. aaa says car expenses are up 2% from last year. the average sedan now requires investment of about $9,000 a year, or 61 cents a mile. higher maintenance fees were the primary reason. the study also looked at fuel, insurance and tire costs. the rally during the last 6 months is still not convincing average investors to dabble in the stock market. in its earnings report, td ameritrade says while profits rose 5%, trading volumes fell 2.4% from a year ago. the online brokerage tells reporters the firm even missed its own expectations as many retail investors remain on the sidelines depsite record highs in the market. still to come, small business solutions: advice for applying for capital when money is tight. that's later with bill moller. but first, charity scams are exploding i
cars, especially than american cars. >> china has not been a boom for every carmaker. gm's troubled the brand has been trying to get in on the action. with just 5000 vehicles sold a year, it has been a loss-making adventure. >> computer games has -- have changed dramatically with a whole online world opening up to users as well as a thriving mobile game sector. >> it is given a lot of smaller editors the chance to shake up the market. we are getting a close-up look at the industry. it opens on tuesday. >> [indiscernible] >> if he did not catch that, it was a made-up language. it is a game that is not available on dvd anymore. now they only produce a downloadable online version. the basic version is free, but to make progress, players have to buy special weapons or horses. >> there are players who invest one or two euros a month. others who do not pay anything at all and some the put in over 100 euros per month. that is how they earn their money. they have around 300 million subscribers worldwide, but there is a lot of competition from the u.s. and japan. the makers did not not want
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